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Blend with Passion


Our Story

Upshot: The final or eventual positive outcome or conclusion, action or series of events.

The end result of our winemaker’s passion for blending flavorful, deeply nuanced and unique wines. Exclusively from vineyards in California’s best wine growing regions, our blends offer a sumptuous, almost magical outcome of the growing season and winemaking process.

Upshot Red Label

The front label visually depicts the winemaking process from the harvest to the release via circular calendar. Most importantly the label also educates consumers and allows them to follow an overview of the winemaking process from start to finish. Each label is unique to the wine made in that vintage and changes every year. Our winemaker’s passion for winemaking and more specifically the craft of blending is key to the story of UPSHOT. The outcome or upshot of the blending process is the red blend UPSHOT.

Upshot – (noun): the final or eventual positive outcome or conclusion of a discussion, action, or series of events

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